Gas Fireplaces with Logs

Gas Fireplaces with Logs

Acucraft’s gas fireplaces with logs merge the ease of gas operation with the warm ambiance reminiscent of a traditional wood-burning hearth.

Elevate both modern and classic interiors with Acucraft’s selection of front-facing gas fireplaces, ideal for anchoring your space with a touch of elegance.

Designed to blend seamlessly with any setting, whether positioned against a wall or nestled within a bespoke mantel, these fireplaces stand as the focal point of any room. Acucraft’s range includes a diverse array of styles, dimensions, and finishes, ensuring a perfect match for any decorating scheme, from the time-honored to the avant-garde. Characterized by their neat lines and polished appearance, these fireplaces frequently incorporate lifelike gas logs, glass elements, or decorative stones, further enhancing the allure of the flickering flames. Offering straightforward installation and low upkeep, Acucraft’s front-facing gas fireplaces provide a practical and stylish addition to both residential and commercial environments.

Gas Fireplaces with Logs Features & Benefits

  • Largest, fullest flames on the market
  • Multiple gas log styles
  • Optimal viewing areas, designed to your needs
  • Dual pane glass cooling system
  • Open (no glass) options
  • Fire screen options available
  • Flexible installation
  • Power venting / fans
  • Enjoy supplemental warmth or expel outside

Trust Acucraft with your next commercial or residential gas fireplace with logs project and enjoy the fireplace of your dreams!

Enjoy an open viewing area (no glass) and mammoth logs like they do at the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas, TX. Not many manufacturers are able to design and produce open gas fireplaces, which is one of the many fireplace designs Acucraft has mastered.

“My experience with Acucraft has been great. I think you guys are very organized and seem always on-hand for any assistance. The overall design of the fireplace looks great and fits well with the owner’s own vision.” -Todd Hart, Newland Interiors

a photo of the four seasons dallas resort patio with a large open view fireplace with gas logs

Cozy up to a traditional see through fireplace with logs with your favorite cup of hot cocoa like this gorgeous fireplace outside of Starbucks in Blaine, WA.

“Mark and the team from Acucraft killed this thing!” says Mike Hill, Otis Investments. “Better than I could have imagined, beautiful fire, large logs, looks really unbelievable.”

washington starbucks chooses acucraft for linear see through gas fireplace project

Acucraft Residential and Commercial Gas Fireplaces with Logs

The CUSTOM Gas Fireplace with Logs Collection

Incorporating a custom gas fireplace with logs into your project—be it a unique home, a chic new restaurant, a welcoming hotel, or a striking commercial building—can dramatically transform any space into a congenial gathering spot. This kind of fireplace doesn’t just act as an eye-catching centerpiece; it also fosters a warm, inviting environment that encourages guests, clients, or family members to converge and unwind.

Tailored to fit the aesthetic and functional demands of your environment, a gas fireplace with logs can enhance a lobby’s welcoming feel, introduce elegance to a dining space, or add a layer of comfort to a living area. The design options are limitless, with styles ranging from sleek, modern looks that integrate smoothly with contemporary decor to more classic designs that bring a sense of timeless sophistication. In commercial venues, such a fireplace can elevate the overall customer experience, distinguishing your business with a memorable flair. In a residential setting, it becomes a central gathering point, fostering the creation of cherished memories and the sharing of stories.

With a custom gas log fireplace you’ll find the options are nearly limitless, including:

  • Any size, custom-built to suit your specific needs
  • Work hand-in-hand with our fireplace experts and engineers
  • Dual pane glass cooling system, single pane glass with firescreen, or open-hearth (no glass)
  • Finishing options to complement your space
  • The tallest, fullest flames on the market paired with the most-realistic looking logs
  • Certified within our 3rd party test lab with a custom label and manual

Click Here to view our custom fireplace photo gallery.

Looking for specifications? Click Here to access our spec library.

The TIMELESS Gas Fireplace with Logs Collection

Create a warm and inviting focal point in virtually any setting with the distinctive charm and appeal of our Timeless fireplaces. More than a mere heat source, this exquisite fireplace is a masterpiece, infusing any room with an enthralling energy. Our Timeless gas fireplaces with logs allow you the freedom to choose the perfect viewing angle to suit the layout and aesthetics of your space, ensuring the flames’ beauty is visible from all directions. Available in lengths of 36″ or 48″ and heights of 36″, 42″, or 48″, there’s a fit for every design preference.

Known for producing the highest, most vibrant, and realistic flames in the market, each fireplace within the Timeless collection delivers an unmatched visual spectacle that closely replicates the mesmerizing movement of a real wood fire. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on flame realism, these fireplaces imbue any area with a sense of luxury and warmth, making every moment in its presence an experience of comfort and elegance.

Our Timeless collection includes:

  • 36″ and 48″ Lengths
  • 36″, 42″ and 48″ Heights
  • Tallest, fullest flames with the most realistic looking logs available
  • Dual pane glass cooling system or single pane with firescreen
  • ANSI/CSA certified for use in the United States and Canada
large gas fireplace under painting

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Looking for specifications? Click Here to access our spec library.

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Gas Fireplace with Logs FAQs

What are the benefits of gas fireplaces with logs?

Gas fireplaces with logs offer the best of both worlds – they combine the convenience of a gas fireplace and the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace. Gas fireplaces with logs at Acucraft also have the added benefit of the largest flames on the market and customization options with our finishing selections and accessories. Request a quote or contact our team to learn more about the benefits of our gas fireplaces with logs.

Do you need to replace the logs in your gas fireplace?

Logs for gas fireplaces do not need to be replaced as often as logs for wood burning fireplaces, but should be replaced if you notice they are no longer in optimal condition. Thankfully, high-quality logs for gas fireplaces, like the ones that are sold with Acucraft fireplaces, will last you for years to come.

Are gas fireplaces with logs customizable?

Yes. The gas fireplaces with logs manufactured by Acucraft are very customizable, with enough options to match any aesthetic. From multiple log styles to glass vs open options and accessories, you can be sure your gas fireplace is one of a kind.