The American Wood-Burning Fireplaces

The American Collection

The American Series reimagines the traditional wood burning fireplace with it’s large, unobstructed viewing area. 

The stunningly tall wood fireplace design provides the perfect view of flames as they dance with rhythmic precision inside the deep, combustion-controlled firebox. Available in single-sided and see-through/indoor-outdoor styles, these gorgeous fireplaces start at $5,200.

American Fireplace Features & Benefits

  • Tall, 20″W x 21″H Viewing Area
  • Swing Door with Left or Right-Hand Operation (Reversible)
  • Built-In Cascade Coil Firescreen
  • Longest Burn Time that is Controllable
  • 100% Outside Air for Combustion, Controllable Intake Air
  • Clean Burning System with Air Wash
  • Operate with Door Closed, Open or Fully Removed
  • Place Logs in a Traditional Horizontal Stack (up to 22″W) or in Campfire Formation (up to 26″H)
  • Fits within a 60″ Chase
  • Class A Insulated Flue System
  • Dual 110CFM Blower System, Thermostatically Controlled
  • Single-sided and see-through / indoor-outdoor styles

The AMERICAN Fireplaces: The Best Value on the Market!

Our revolutionary American Series wood burning fireplace is true to its namesake – it’s designed and built in America by hard-working American Craftsmen in Big Lake, Minnesota. Whether you choose the indoor series or the indoor/outdoor series, you’ll enjoy complete control and efficiency for the longest possible burn time, and the unmatched versatility to enjoy it with the door(s) closed, open, or completely removed for a true open-hearth feel.

an image of a farmhouse style living room with a classic wood burning fireplace
an image of a modern single sided tall wood burning fireplace

The American Single-Sided Wood Fireplace

This indoor wood-burning fireplace provides a bold design combined with a tall unobstructed viewing area and advanced combustion control perfect for any rustic or modern space.

Starting at $5,200

  • 20-inch wide by 21-inch tall viewing area
  • Single, swing door with left or right operation
  • Built-in cascade coil firescreen
  • Longest, controllable burn time
  • Fits within a 60-inch chase
  • 8″ Class A Flue System

The American See-Through Wood Fireplace

The indoor-outdoor / see-through American fireplace brings unmatched viewing versatility and revolutionary burn control to a fireplace that seamlessly blurs the lines between indoors and out.

Starting at $6,600

  • 20-inch wide by 21-inch tall by 22-inch deep viewing areas
  • Dual swing doors with left or right operation
  • Built-in cascade coil firescreen
  • Longest, controllable burn time
  • Fits within a 60-inch chase
  • 10″ Class A Flue System

American Wood-Burning Fireplace Customer Photos

If you’d like to see more, browse our American wood fireplace photo gallery.