Custom Fireplace Options: Designing Your Perfect Fireplace

a custom fireplace in a living area

Custom fireplace designs are often just as unique and bold as the dreamers who desire them. And these days, custom fireplace design options seem endless. Between the striking circular designs to four-sided glass boxes filled with dancing flames, how can you get a custom fireplace that stands out from the rest?

At Acucraft, if you can dream it, our custom fireplace builders can make it. Our custom gas fireplaces are made to fit your space and style. Browse our custom fireplace brochures for more information on our fireplace styles.

In this guide, we’ll cover our most unique fireplace options and features to inspire your dream fireplace. Whether you’re looking for a fireplace that is gas and indoor or outdoor for your home or commercial space – use this guide in your search for the perfect centerpiece.

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Why Choose a Custom Fireplace?

A custom fireplace has many benefits apart from making a statement. A great design can bring out the functionality of any room to create a more comfortable and inviting space.

an infographic listing three benefits of a custom gas fireplace

Fireplace Ventilation

Proper fireplace ventilation is essential to the safety of your family, friends, and home. Acucraft uses stainless steel flues that don’t wear out over time or leave you susceptible to carbon monoxide exposure. We actually are one of the only manufacturers that use Class A flue, which is one of the highest quality flue systems available. There are three forms of fireplace ventilation:

  • Vented 
  • Direct Vent
  • Wood-Burning Ventilation

Acucraft’s gas fireplaces are typically vented, but some use direct vent. The main difference is the amount of intake and output areas, with direct vents being slightly more efficient.

Custom Fireplace Design Styles

Infographic representing popular custom fireplace styles

Custom home fireplaces can be styled to fit any décor. They vary from the traditional front-facing to four-sided centerpieces. Let your imagination run wild with these popular types of fireplaces.

Popular custom gas fireplace designs

  • Four-Sided Fireplaces
  • Round Fireplaces
  • Peninsula Fireplaces
  • Panoramic Fireplaces
  • See-Through Fireplaces
  • Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Front-Facing Fireplaces

Four-Sided Fireplaces

Image of a four sided gas fireplace


There’s a reason the four-sided fireplace is one of the most popular types of gas fireplaces. It can be enjoyed from all angles without restricting views, and, although this style is only available as a gas fireplace, you have countless design options and an excellent view of the perfect flame.


Round Fireplaces

Round gas fireplace in a home with chairs surrounding it


This custom fireplace design harkens back to the traditional campfires where folks would gather. It offers 360-degree viewing, and with innumerable finishing options, it can be as grand as you desire. Whether you choose lava rocks or log sets, brushed metal or corten steel, there’s no decor it can’t compliment. When looking for gas fireplace ideas, keep in mind the round fireplace, with its flexible intake and exhaust.


Panoramic Fireplaces

panoramic gas fireplace underneath a TV in a living room


A panoramic fireplace utilizes three open sides for viewing that give it an unparalleled, modern feel. Stretched along a featured wall, the flames and glowing embers will mesmerize your guests throughout the night. Made with strength and safety in mind, these panoramic gas fireplaces offer a wide range of options.


Peninsula Fireplaces

Peninsula gas fireplace in a hotel lobby


The peninsula fireplace is popular among architects designing luxury hotels, restaurants, and housing complexes. It creates a beautiful border wall to separate areas while keeping them cozy and connected. This gas fireplace can be contained with a safe-to-touch glass barrier, a fire screen, or simply left open, depending on your desired ambiance.


See-Through (Double-Sided) Fireplaces

The see-through fireplace is a terrific custom fireplace design to complement two rooms and tie them together. Our custom gas fireplaces come with Acucraft’s lifetime guarantee and will add tremendous value to your home.


Image of a see-through gas fireplace surrounded by a bar


The see-through gas fireplace (also known as a double-sided gas fireplace) offers ease of use and can be synced to your home automation timer.


Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces

The indoor/outdoor fireplace offers versatility. Enjoy an evening outside by the fire or move inside if the weather changes.


Indoor/outdoor gas fireplace in a restaurant


Whether you choose to enjoy your gas fireplace indoors or outdoors, the optional indoor/outdoor gas fireplace sets the stage for a relaxing evening without the need to chop wood beforehand. This style comes with customizable features to accent the fireplace and complement your home.


Front-Facing Fireplaces

Our front-facing fireplaces are perhaps the most widely used home fireplaces.


Front facing gas fireplace in a large open space


Acucraft has taken this classic design and modernized it for contemporary tastes. The front-facing gas fireplace comes in a range of sizes from 4’ up to 16’ and with various trim and media options. Its simplicity and adaptable size are strong draws to this indoor gas fireplace.


Custom Fireplace Design Options

Our custom fireplaces come with numerous customizable options that set the stage for your fire. With all of the options listed below, finding the set to match your vision is easier than ever.


Gas Fireplace Design Options

Infographic representing custom gas fireplace options

These customizable gas fireplace options are a great way to express your style. It doesn’t matter if you choose a large or small gas fireplace; these custom options will make your modern gas fireplace dazzle. While not every gas style can accommodate each custom option, we can help you find the perfect combination.


panoramic fireplace upclose and from the side


Acucraft Custom Fireplace Features

When it comes to building custom fireplaces, safety and security must always come first. Acucraft has developed top-of-the-line safety features to keep their fires secure. From safe-to-touch glass to convertible viewing options, there is a system that will work for every family.


Cooling Glass

Image showing how cool touch glass works

This image uses dual intakes and exhaust, but we also offer glass cooling in single intake and exhaust.


Acucraft’s patent-pending Dual Pane Glass Cooling System ensures a safe temperature for any fireplace. Outside air is pushed between the two panes of glass to cool the outer pane allowing for safe touch and the placement of art or a television above the fireplace. The fireplace still functions the same, but the glass cooling system protects your home and family from accidental damage and burns.


3rd Party Safety Certified Fireplaces

Image of a man carrying out the fireplace safety certification process


Aside from the usual fireplace safety tips that all fireplace owners should abide by, Acucraft goes the extra mile to ensure customer safety. We are the nation’s leader in 3rd party certified fireplaces, guaranteeing you a lifetime of cozy fires. All Signature Series gas fireplaces have undergone safety tests according to ANSI standards and LabTest Certification Inc. requirements. With these high-quality, high-performing, safety-certified fireplaces, you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe and secure.


Convertible: Sealed or Open Viewing

Image of a gas fireplace


Fireplace design trends and personal preferences are known to change over time. Wouldn’t it be great if your gas fireplace viewing could be either open or sealed on demand? Whether you’re looking for a traditional open fireplace or a modern-style, glass-sealed fireplace, the option to have both is always more appealing.

There are a select few models from Acucraft that have this multifunctionality. The convertible design still boasts the tallest, fullest flames on the market.


Additional Custom Fireplace Accessories

Gas fireplace outdoors with stonework surrounding the fire


The features already mentioned do not complete the list of customizable options for Acucraft fireplaces. There are even new smart home capabilities that allow you to time your fireplace with the sunset each night for a romantic and hands-free approach. Each feature listed below makes your life easier and your fireplace more enjoyable.

Gas Features

  • Remote control
  • LED lighting with remote
  • Custom colored firebrick
  • Black reflective porcelain panels

Craft Your Dream With Acucraft’s Custom Fireplace Builders

Acucraft has been building custom fireplaces for over 40 years. Our handcrafted products are engineered to your desires and built to last a lifetime. Our team of experts will help guide you through the design, build, delivery, and installation of your new fireplace. Start making memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime with your own custom-built gas fireplace.

Men building a custom fireplace


At Acucraft, we want to help you to find a truly extraordinary fireplace that your family will enjoy for generations to come. For more details on each fireplace style, view our custom fireplace brochures. Contact our fireplace design experts and start customizing your unique fireplace today. If you need a little inspiration, browse our custom fireplace photo gallery.