Custom Fireplace Guarantee

Acucraft’s Custom Gas Fireplace Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

Acucraft will match or beat the total price for the design, manufacture and certification of a comparable, custom gas fireplace from a third party. To qualify for Acucraft’s price guarantee, the custom gas fireplace must be of similar design, material and overall quality. To receive Acucraft’s price guarantee, a complete, firm bid must be submitted to Acucraft within 30 days of the Acucraft bid. The competing bid submitted to Acucraft must include the total cost for the design and manufacture of a comparable, custom gas fireplace from a single vendor. No adjustment to Acucraft’s price will be made if the competing bid is incomplete or does not include sufficient detail to determine the design, material or overall quality of the custom gas fireplace. If the competing bid is determined by Acucraft, in its commercially reasonable judgment, to be for a custom gas fireplace of comparable design, material and overall quality to Acucraft’s bid and is for a lower total cost, Acucraft will adjust its bid price to match or beat the competing bid.

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