Fireside Dreams Come True: The Unveiling of Fred and Tracey’s Acucraft Wood-Burning Fireplace

fireplace dreams come true with an acucraft hearthroom 36 inside outside wood burning fireplace

In 2022, Fred embarked on the journey of constructing his dream home. Guided by his local builder, Todd Anderson of Life Space Construction, Inc., Fred was directed to Acucraft. There, he connected with Fireplace Advisor Mark Kennedy to discuss a distinctive wood-burning fireplace for his residence. Wanting a fireplace that could enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces, Fred was immediately captivated by Acucraft’s Hearthroom Series.

Three sizes of hearthroom wood burning fireplaces
mark kennedy fireplace advisor at acucraft fireplaces in big lake minnesota

To delve deeper into the possibilities, Fred and his wife visited Acucraft’s facility in Big Lake, MN, meeting with Mark and exploring the manufacturing premises. Fred expressed his awe, stating, “Getting a tour of your building and Mark spending over an hour with us was impressive beyond words. It’s easy to see there are no competitors even close to Acucraft. We’re just waiting for our builder to put in an order.”

Mark collaborated closely with Fred to transform his fireplace vision into reality. Fred conveyed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Mark, for watching out for us. I’ve been telling friends the last couple of weeks about how we found the best fireplace on the planet, literally. We might have to adjust a few things in our house based on budget, but the one thing Tracey and I are sure about is the budget for our fireplace will never shrink.” Ultimately, Fred and Tracey chose the Hearthroom 36 indoor/outdoor wood-burning fireplace for their home.

wood burning fireplace inside outside see thru with stone finish in living room overlooking a lake
josh knode project manager at acucraft fireplaces in big lake minnesota

As the late summer/early fall approached, the timeframe when Fred’s builder would be ready to install the fireplace, Project Manager Josh ensured the timely arrival of their chosen fireplace. Fred expressed his excitement, stating, “We are over the top excited about this fireplace. It’s going to be the centerpiece and focal point of our home. Our whole house is centered around the fireplace. We couldn’t be more excited.”

husband and wife with their puppy in front of an acucraft wood fireplace

Fred and Tracey started relishing their fireplace in the fall of 2023. Fred reflected on the decision, remarking, “It was about 10 mins after we met Mark when we knew we’d have an Acucraft fireplace in our dream house. Josh was instrumental in working with our builder to get everything set up. I sure hope someone that sees our fireplace decides to put an Acucraft in their home. We have been showing everyone we know our pictures. They are always amazed and actually gasp and say ‘wow’.”

Acucraft is delighted that Fred and Tracey entrusted them to bring their dream wood-burning fireplace to life, wishing them a lifetime filled with joyous moments and cherished memories around the warmth of the fire.

Acucraft: Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Experts

If you aspire to turn your fireplace dream into a reality, rely on Acucraft. Our team of fireplace experts will collaborate closely with you to bring your envisioned fireplace to life. Acucraft provides a variety of wood-burning fireplaces to suit every requirement. When you’re ready to delve into the possibilities with a fireplace advisor, reach out to us, or fill out the form on this page for more information!