February 10, 2017

By design, gas fireplaces provide modern convenience: they add warmth and ambiance without the hassle of hauling and storing wood in the room; some are even powered by remote control. However, one of the other benefits of an Acucraft custom modern gas fireplace is that it can be designed to fit the size and aesthetic of any project. Take a look at some of our most popular modern gas fireplaces:

This modern gas fireplace features 4-sides of ceiling-height glass to provide unobstructed views of nearby mountains.

Modern 4-Sided Linear Gas Fireplace

4-Sided Linear Gas Fireplace

An open indoor fire pit with sleek finishes complements the distinctive interiors of an office.

Modern Open Gas Indoor Firepit

Open Gas Indoor Fire Pit

This 3-sided linear gas fireplace features copper, tile and natural stone elements to match this dining area’s eclectic contemporary decor.

Modern 3-Sided Gas Fireplace

3-Sided Gas Fireplace


Circular gas fireplaces combine a 1970s vibe with modern simplicity.

Modern Circular Gas Fireplace

Circular Gas Fireplace


Linear styles are the ultimate modern outdoor fireplace option, and can be partially enclosed to create a focal point in a large space …

Modern Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace

or open, for a modern take on the outdoor fire pit.

Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace

Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace

Whatever space you’re planning, Acucraft can create a modern gas fireplace that fits your project. Request a Custom Gas Fireplace brochure or connect with one of our Fireplace Advisors today. 

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