Custom Gas Fireplaces

Would you like the warm and cozy feeling of a crackling fire in your home without hauling wood into the room? Acucraft gas fireplaces are the ideal solution, because they create the ambiance and warmth for a relaxing environment without the effort. An Acucraft custom gas fireplace offers a seamless blend with your decor and a beautiful focal point for your space. 

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Acucraft Gas Fireplaces – Design Innovation at it’s Finest!

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CUSTOM Gas Fireplaces

Acucraft Fireplaces make certain that you’re an active part of your custom fireplace design process. Every stage. Every step. We are dedicated to not only building exceptional custom fireplaces, but providing a level of customer service intended to last a lifetime.

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LINEAR Gas Fireplaces

Acucraft Custom Linear Gas Fireplaces are sure to add brilliance to any living space!  With a variety of elements to choose from, such as logs, glass, or stone, your fireplace will reflect your true personality and be an amazing focal point!


Single-Sided Fireplaces by Acucraft

SINGLE SIDED Gas Fireplaces

Enhance the ambiance of your home, cabin or office with a beautiful custom single sided gas fireplace. Enjoy the comfort, ease of operation and warmth. Any of our single-sided fireplaces will provide a stunning focal point in any room.


Custom Linear Gas Fireplace in Lobby by Acucraft

SEE-THROUGH Gas Fireplaces

See-through custom gas fireplaces have been gaining popularity and are a stunning centerpoint to any home! Acucraft manufactures countless see-through models, offering you a variety of choices for your see through fireplace. Our attractive see-through gas fireplaces offer both durability and versatility.


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MULTI-VIEW Gas Fireplaces

When you want something truly unique, Acucraft has got you covered!  Panorama, Peninsula, Circular, Four-Sided Glass-On-Glass or Open Flame, Acucraft Fireplace Advisors and Designers will work with you one-on-one to create the fireplace of your dreams!


Indoor/outdoor Fireplace by Acucraft


Connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces with a custom indoor/outdoor gas fireplace—it’s like two fireplaces in one! Acucraft designs and handcrafts each fireplace one at a time with high quality materials and components to last a lifetime of happy burning!

Acucraft Circular Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace

CIRCULAR Gas Fireplaces

Dramatic & Distinctive, Acucraft’s custom gas circular fireplaces can provide an extraordinary focal point, style and modern elegance to your space. From 24″ diameter single burners to 96″ diameter double burners and anywhere in between. No matter the size, you’ll enjoy a 360 degree wrap-around unobstructed view!

PENINSULA Gas Fireplaces

The custom Peninsula gas fireplace is one of our most highly sought-after fireplace models. It divides your space with an elegant focal point and offers three-sided flame viewing to reach multiple vantage points at the same time. Acucraft’s glass-on-glass technology provides seamless views without unsightly corner supports.

Have Questions About Acucraft Fireplaces? 

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