The Acucraft See-Through Gas Fireplace

The See Through Fireplace

Acucraft Custom Gas Linear See Through Open Fireplace | Boston Best Construction | Saugus, MA

“I have this fireplace and its the best investment we did in our new construction home…everyone loves it!”

– Eduardo Muniz, Boston Best Construction


When you’re looking for a transitional fireplace, a see through model is the ideal solution. Connect two spaces and enjoy multiple viewing areas with any of our custom gas see through fireplaces. Whatever size or shape fireplace or burner you’re looking for, we’ll design and build it for you. Open, sealed, partial glass, glass cooling, air shield, we do all of that ensuring you a safe and enjoyable ambiance.  Customize your see through fireplace with reflective glass media to catch every angle of your fire; or select from an array of gas logsets to enjoy a more traditional feel. 

What’s so great about a custom gas see through fireplace? Our customers invest in our see-through gas fireplaces because it allows them to enjoy their fireplace from two sides; whether that’s separating a living room from a kitchen, or separating your master bathroom and bedroom with a contemporary see through fireplace. If you’re looking for a 4′ see through fireplace, we can do that; or maybe you’re looking for a 14′ foot fireplace? We can do that too! You can be as involved in the design process as you would like; work hand in hand with our Fireplace Designers to bring your full design to life, or allow them to design the perfect fireplace for your space.

Is it safe? You bet! Our Fireplace Designers are fireplace experts and that includes ensuring you the safest appliance available. Acucraft’s see through fireplaces are equipped with four safety checkpoints, each of which needs to be met before the system will ignite. Additionally, if you have small children or are looking for a commercial fire feature, our Patent-Pending Glass Cooling System protects those little (and big!) hands from hot glass temperatures by forcing air from outside into the air channel between the panes of glass making it an even more safe fireplace. 

Together Forever.  We aren’t like other manufacturers, our Lifetime Warranty on our custom fireboxes ensures you a lifetime of enjoyment!

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