Acucraft Fireplace Features and Benefits

Acucraft is known for superior craftsmanship and the pinnacle of quality. 

All Acucraft fireplaces offer the following:

Highly Advanced Technology – Acucraft systems combine the beauty of a traditional fireplace with the latest in advanced heating concepts.

Firebox – The finest workmanship goes into each Acucraft Fireplace System. The firebox is constructed of seven gauge steel (3/16″ and 1/4″ thick). All major seams are double-welded. All moving parts are extra heavy-duty and pre-engineered for safe, trouble-free operation. The Acucraft Lifetime Warranty proves our dedication to quality construction.

High-Quality Glass Doors – Acucraft fireplace door construction consists of high-temperature ceramic glass set in a rugged 10-gauge steel door frame that weighs 22-pounds.  Our trademark door design has a dual-pin locking system (top and bottom), center-seal flange, and full-perimeter gaskets for a long-term tight seal.

Versatile Open Hearth Ability – The Acucraft Fireplace System is the only wood fireplace manufacture that gives you the option of an open hearth fireplace. Your Acucraft wood fireplace can operate with the doors open or you can remove the doors by simply lifting the them from the hangers. While other wood fireplaces will back-smoke with the doors open, only Acucraft wood fireplaces are engineered with proper draw for open hearth operation. A specially designed one-piece firescreen can be easily inserted for added safety.

Outside Combustion Air – To allow for greater burn efficiency and performance, Acucraft fireplaces draw the combustion air from outside your home. This eliminates drafts and utilizes your heat more effectively than fireplaces that use indoor air for combustion.  In today’s tightly built homes, outside combustion air is necessary to maintain proper air balance in your home.

Unique Combustion Air Manifold – This manifold system, which creates an air wash, is designed to give equal distribution of air against the entire viewing area of the glass.  As a result, the glass is kept cooler and cleaner.  The air is also evenly distributed to the entire firebox.

Built-in Sliding Draft & Damper Controls – Unique to Acucraft Fire Systems, these easy-to-use sliding controls give you convenient precise operation and allow you full control over the rate of burn.

Firebrick Lining – This brick lining protects the steel box where the temperatures are most extreme and helps maintain a more complete combustion for great efficiency.

Unique Accessories – Acucraft offers a number of decorative and cooking accessories to customize the look and capabilities of your fireplace to fit your exact needs.

No Electricity Needed -Power outages are no longer a heating concern with an Acucraft Fireplace System.  Our systems are also a perfect secondary heat source for whole house heating and can help greatly reduce your utility costs.