Innovative Designs for Contemporary Wood-Burning Fireplaces

A contemporary wood-burning fireplace in a modern living room

Nothing replaces the feeling and visual appeal of watching real wood burning, smelling the aroma, and listening to the soothing sound of crackling wood. For many of us, the nostalgia is overwhelming; a contemporary wood-burning fireplace takes us back to memories of spending time with family and friends.

While today’s contemporary wood-burning fireplaces still give us that nostalgic feeling and the cozy atmosphere we love, they’ve also come a long way with updated designs, safety features, and more. Let’s explore some of the innovative designs for a contemporary wood-burning fireplace.

Double-Sided Contemporary Wood-Burning Fireplaces 

Contemporary wood-burning fireplace with an open viewing area in a living roomDouble-sided fireplaces, also called see-through fireplaces, allow you to enjoy one fireplace in two spaces, essentially functioning as a room divider without sacrificing the sense of open space. This is a perfect solution for contemporary wood-burning fireplaces in modern open floor plans that combine living areas, dining areas, or even kitchens.

This innovative fireplace design offers many custom finishing options, including multiple handle options, single or double doors, and more. Double-sided fireplaces, a type of contemporary wood-burning fireplace, can also be fitted with two sets of operable doors, allowing you to tend to your fire from both sides.

At Acucraft, we design our double-sided contemporary wood fireplaces to provide convenience and meet your specific fireplace needs. With cutting-edge air movement technology features, which optimize the flow of air within the fireplace and the effective circulation of controlled warm air throughout the room, double-sided fireplaces make a great innovative design for your space.

Consider a double-sided fireplace if you’re looking for a stylish and functional way to bring warmth into your living space while still elevating your home design with a contemporary wood-burning fireplace.

Indoor/Outdoor Contemporary Wood-Burning Fireplaces

contemporary wood-burning fireplace outdoors on a patioIndoor-outdoor fireplaces, a type of double-sided contemporary wood-burning fireplace, are perfect for enjoying fires both indoors and outdoors. These indoor-outdoor fireplaces break down the barrier between your home and the outdoors.

This creative design provides a seamless connection between your living space and your patio. You can enjoy the fireplace you love indoors on a rainy night or entertain friends on the patio when the weather is nice.

Additionally, with double-sided contemporary wood-burning fireplaces, you can avoid the hassle and mess that comes with moving wood into your home. With this fireplace design, you can fuel your wood fireplace from the exterior side and still enjoy it indoors.

Wood Fireplaces with Built-in Storage

Wood fireplaces with built-in storage represent an innovative design idea for wood-burning fireplaces, combining functionality with aesthetics. Built-in wood storage eliminates one potential downside to wood-burning fireplaces, which is the clutter and hassle that usually comes with storing firewood. 

From firewood storage boxes to outdoor firewood storage racks, this design concept integrates a storage solution directly into the fireplace structure, preventing clutter and maximizing space. It is a functional yet aesthetic way to store your firewood logs without compromising the visual appeal.

Customizable Options for Contemporary Wood-Burning Fireplaces

contemporary wood-burning fireplace with a TV mounted above

When you think about customizable fireplaces, you may immediately think of custom gas options; however, there’s still a world of possibilities with contemporary wood-burning fireplace customization.

With the addition of new technologies and new design options, contemporary wood-burning fireplaces have become the focal points of the design and aesthetic appeal of living spaces.

Customizable finishing options give you the look you want while still maintaining the authenticity of a fireplace with a real flame. When you pick finishing options for your contemporary wood-burning fireplace, you’re creating a fireplace that’s unique to you, complements your decor, and fits your sense of style.

Safety and Convenience Features

Wood-burning fireplaces are beautiful, but they can present safety concerns. With advancements in wood-burning fireplace technology have come the inclusion of several features to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

Our Hearthroom contemporary wood-burning fireplaces, for example, incorporate gasketed doors that provide an airtight seal. Once you latch the doors, your fire can safely burn overnight without constant supervision.

Integrated locking clasps and fire screens add an extra layer of security, preventing accidental contact with open flames and hot surfaces. This is particularly important in homes with children, where their curiosity can lead to unexpected dangers.

Together, these types of safety features allow families to enjoy the cozy ambiance of a contemporary wood-burning fireplace without compromising safety, ensuring the fireplace remains a source of comfort rather than concern.

The evolution of wood-burning fireplaces into contemporary design marvels makes them a suitable and versatile addition to your space. Need some inspiration? Check out our wood-burning fireplace gallery.

Contact us today to speak with one of our fireplace experts and get started on creating a wood-burning fireplace that suits your specific needs.