13 Best Firewood Storage Ideas for Your Wood Fireplace

a wood burning fireplace with firewood storage

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are no longer just a source of warmth; they’ve become a focal point in modern design. No longer are traditional wood-burning fireplaces confined to rustic cabins, farmhouses, and cozy retreats as you might imagine. 

Modern spaces embrace the warmth and character of wood-burning fireplaces, seamlessly integrating them into contemporary aesthetics to create inviting and stylish living areas.

However, the beauty of a traditional wood-burning fireplace isn’t worth much if you don’t have the wood to burn close at hand. The desire to have the perfect wood-burning fireplace requires a visually appealing and functional firewood storage solution.

Whether you are going for a rustic or more modern aesthetic for your fireplace, there’s a firewood storage idea for you to incorporate into your space. From simple DIY fixes to large built-in projects, you’re sure to find one that fits your ideal design.

These 13 firewood storage solutions range from simple DIY fixes to large built-in projects. These firewood storage solutions, as featured in the Wall Street Journal, will inspire you and provide adequate storage for firewood to keep you warm all winter. Whether you’re looking for indoor firewood storage ideas or outdoor and patio firewood racks, there is something for everyone here.

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13 Firewood Storage Ideas

Ideas for firewood storage can be as simple or extravagant as you could possibly imagine.

We’ve captured the highlights of each style in an attempt to ease your decision-making process before you start stacking up your wood for the winter.


open stone wood fireplace

Simple Firewood Storage Rack Idea

If you’re looking for a simple solution for a cozy cabin fireplace, and enjoy the rustic appearance of a simple wood stack, this may be the wood rack idea you’ve been searching for. 

Simple wood racks can be purchased from most major home goods retailers. Twisted steel racks like the one in the photo above blend well with the iron doors of the fireplace.

Advantages of a Simple Firewood Storage Rack:

  • Effective and inexpensive
  • Quick and easy solution
  • Style options to fit your space

firewood holder in stone suround

Built-In Storage for Firewood

If you design a fireplace for your home, you can work unique firewood holder ideas into the overall design. Expanding your custom stone veneer to include a built-in firewood box is a great way to integrate your wood storage into the room seamlessly.

Firewood storage out in the open like this can be a great way to use your wood to elevate your decor and room aesthetic. It’s important to note that this design element is tricky to add to an existing fireplace but has excellent benefits.

Advantages of a Built-in Firewood Storage:

  • Blends into the fireplace setting
  • Increases the breadth of your fireplace
  • Pulls firewood in as a decor element

firewood rack on patio

Outdoor Wood Rack Idea

Outdoor firewood holder ideas are perfect for deck, patio, and porch fireplaces. They can be simple and discreet or large and winding. Regardless of your style, the space is yours to use. If the wood rack is outdoors, you must cover it from the elements to keep your wood dry.

Look for covered wood racks that elevate the wood off the ground. There are a ton of great options for firewood storage outside.

Advantages of an Outdoor Wood Rack Idea:

  • Readily available when you need it
  • Suitable for any outdoor area
  • Enhances your outdoor aesthetics
  • Saves indoor space

double sided fireplace surround

See-Through Firewood Storage Solution 

The beauty of a see-through wood fireplace is that you can access it from both sides. It makes sense that you should be able to access your supply of firewood from both sides, as well.

Extending the stone veneer to cover a firewood storage area is the perfect solution. It creates an elegant symmetry within the home. This doesn’t apply if your see-through fireplace is also indoor/outdoor. If a double-sided fireplace is your ideal home hearth, consider the benefits of see-through firewood storage.

Advantages of a See-Through Firewood Storage: 

  • Equal access from either side
  • Adds depth to your fireplace wall
  • Boosts your mantle space
  • Adds visual appeal of properly stacked wood
  • Easily monitor wood supply


small vertical firewood holder

Bedroom Firewood Storage Rack Idea 

The scope of modern fireplace ideas is not limited to the living room or patio areas. A bedroom fireplace can create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Having firewood strewn across the floor might not be the ideal aesthetic for a bedroom. Incorporating a firewood storage rack in your bedroom is an elegant solution to maintaining a calm and more relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. 

A vertical storage rack like the one in the photo above is modern and minimal, so it won’t get in the way.

Advantages of a Bedroom Firewood Storage Rack:

  • Minimalistic and unobtrusive
  • Fills out the fireplace atmosphere 
  • Options to fit any bedroom decor


brick covered firewood rack

Built-In Outdoor Firewood Storage 

Indoor real estate can be scarce, and you can quickly run out of room when you’re stockpiling firewood for the winter. Set your firewood outside and shield it from the rain and snow with a built-in storage solution.

If you’re looking for permanent firewood box ideas that look as naturally part of your home as your fireplace, this may be for you. Ideal for your patio or pool fireplace designs, the built-in option has its perks.

Advantages of a Built-In Outdoor Firewood Storage:

  • Permanent fix with no maintenance
  • Keeps wood dry all year long
  • Gives a rustic feel to the patio area

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small firewood tv cabinet

Simple, Space-Saving Indoor Firewood Storage Idea 

Clean and simple minimalism is one of the fastest-growing fireplace trends today. It would also transfer over to your firewood storage ideas. 

Use your imagination when shopping for furniture and cabinetry to find a unique and simple storage solution that suits your home. You can use these to store your firewood while matching the aesthetic of your living space.

Can’t find anything in stores that suits what you want? You could also create a custom piece with the perfect space for your wood, drawers for your firestarters, and a few hangers for the poker, broom, and shovel.

 Think outside the firebox, and choose the perfect firewood storage space for you.

Advantages of a Simple, Space-Saving Indoor Firewood Storage Idea:

  • Repurpose old furniture
  • Add storage for fireplace accessories 
  • Adapt retail shelves and cabinets


firewood shelf

Decorative Indoor Firewood Storage

Firewood storage ideas don’t have to be dull. You can take them off the floor and make a statement. Natural cut wood is one of the most lively accents you can add to any room. The unique grain patterns, textures, and colors of each piece of wood are sure to create an inviting atmosphere in your space.

Simply elevate your firewood on a steel rack next to vintage books, or mount the rack on the wall and create a display of your fine wood-splitting skills.

Nothing compliments a wood-burning fireplace like the wood you use to light the fire. Put the raw materials in the forefront and open yourself to the beauty of natural design.

Advantages of a Decorative Indoor Firewood Storage:

  • Ever changing decor
  • Combine art and functionality
  • Declutter your floor space
  • Compliment your style and aesthetic
  • Focal point in your living space

outdoor firewood shed

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Idea 

When it comes to outdoor firewood racks, the DIY possibilities are far greater than indoor racks.

Unlike indoor spaces with limitations and aesthetic considerations, your outdoor space offers a blank canvas for creativity. With more space and rustic elements to blend into, even a novice DIY enthusiast can create something unique and charming.

However, keeping the wood dry is essential. Be sure the wood is kept off the ground and shielded from the rain. This will ensure the wood is dry and ready to burn when you need it. Make your firewood storage DIY and enjoy the benefits.

Advantages of a DIY Firewood Storage:

  • Flex your creativity and show off
  • Fully utilize your outdoor spaces
  • Keep indoors clear of wood scraps
  • Create a sentimental and unique piece
  • More Affordable

modern wood rack

Modern Decorative Firewood Storage for the Outdoors

While the outdoors may be the perfect place to try your firewood storage DIY, sometimes you want a rack that looks a bit more polished. Modern decor is all about clean lines and contrast.

The outdoor rack above accomplishes this with dark wood to offset the lighter colors of fresh-cut timber. The incorporated lines and angles also complement the different-sized woods. You can’t go wrong with a modern design approach for outdoor storage that is more subtle and isn’t quite as rustic.

Advantages of a Modern Outdoor Decorative Firewood Storage:

  • Dark wood will contrast with cut wood
  • A mix of lines complements the mixed logs
  • Combines modern design with natural shapes
  • Clean lines provide a sophisticated outdoor look
  • Best for a sleek outdoor aesthetic

double sided fireplace

Firewood Storage Under the TV

Ideas for firewood storage are all around us, including under the TV.  The extra space beneath your TV oftentimes goes underutilized but can be the perfect place to store your firewood.  Installing firewood storage in this space can transform wasted space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. 

Advantages of Firewood Storage Under the TV:

  • Make room for added seating
  • Take advantage of unused spaces
  • Keep the firewood close to the fire
  • Adds an element of design to your space

vertical stone firewood holder

Tall, Built-In Firewood Storage 

When you’ve run out of storage for firewood in the spaces around the fireplace, it’s time to start thinking vertically. 

You may only need a foot-wide gap that follows your chimney to stack all the firewood you need. You’d be surprised how much firewood a narrow, one-foot gap can hold when stacked neatly alongside your chimney flue. 

Make the most of your space by utilizing the height of your fireplace to stack your firewood.

Advantages of a Tall, Built-In Firewood Storage:

  • Save living room space
  • Create a towering wall feature
  • Tie firewood storage into the fireplace


firewood stored under a stone fireplace

Firewood Storage Box Underneath the Fireplace 

If you’re running out of ideas looking around your fireplace for storage space, consider elevating the fireplace to create storage space underneath it. Your firewood can’t get much closer than that, all while being out of the way and discrete. 

Be sure to keep a clean hearth to prevent sparks from igniting the wood below. It’s a key component of wood-burning fireplace maintenance and one you’ll be glad you’ve done, as it makes the space that much more relaxing.

Advantages of a Firewood Storage Box Underneath the Fireplace:

  • All elements of the fire in one place
  • Stays clean with proper care
  • Ideal space-saving solution
  • Organized and clean look 

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Find Your Fireplace and Firewood Storage Inspiration with the Experts at Acucraft

Firewood storage ideas may often come as an afterthought to installing a wood-burning fireplace, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Whether you’re decorating or designing a fireplace, Acucraft has you covered with all the latest design tips and inspiration in our blog.

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