Custom Wood Fireplaces

Custom Wood Fireplaces

At Acucraft we know you are looking for custom wood fireplaces that stand out. In order to do that you need a one-of-a-kind fireplace.

Installing a custom wood fireplace in your home or property is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any new construction requires commitments of both time and financial resources, but rest assured, we take seriously our commitment to creating lasting memories, providing all-around comfort, and an unforgettable aesthetic to your home or property.

If your project comes with unique dimensions or needs to convey a certain aesthetic, our fireplace advisors and experts uphold the highest standards in quality, design, and craftsmanship. Put simply, you can’t dream up a fireplace that we can’t build.

custom wood fireplace
Acucraft Custom See Through Wood Fireplace

We offer a line of customized wood fireplaces that can provide solutions to all your heating needs:

Regardless of which solution you choose, your friends will clamor to come to your house for the big game and you’ll run out of pillows and blankets for the number of relatives that will conveniently choose to stay an extra night.

outdoor custom wood fireplace

Contribute to Your Custom Fireplace Design

For those of you with some DIY skills and experience, we offer a truly unique opportunity to work alongside one of our fireplace advisors to complete your project. You’ll be involved in every step as your customized fireplace comes to life and takes shape. You’ll bore your friends and neighbors to death with stories of your cunning carpentry and power tool prowess.

Quality, aesthetics, and functionality are at the heart of everything we do at Acucraft. Stunning masonry solutions, cutting-edge air movement technology, an extensive list of innovative add-ons, and a vast array of door styles and finishes will make your fireplace a true focal point in your home or property.

custom open wood burning fireplace
Acucraft Open Modern Custom Wood Fireplace Rendering
custom wood fireplace
Acucraft Custom Wood See Through Fireplace

Seeking Heat With Your Custom Wood Fireplace?

Dave Dwyer came to Acucraft seeking a heat producing wood fireplace. His future log cabin would be located in Meeker, CO which presents cold weather and frequent power outages because of its remote location. A large peninsula wood fireplace would, not only be an amazing focal point for this beautiful home, but would also heat the entire home with or without power.

Seeking a Multi-Purpose Custom Wood Fireplace?

Wallis Construction was searching for an all-purpose wood fireplace for a new smokehouse restaurant in Austin, TX. This fireplace was designed to mirror the rustic surrounding of the Sausage & Beer Garden restaurant. Not only is this fireplace to be used for ambiance, it is engineered to be completely open to be used for smoking and cooking in the smokehouse! Acucraft offers a wide variety of cooking accessories made using kitchen-grade stainless steel: BBQ Grills, Cooking Arms, and more!

When you work with Acucraft, you can be certain you are only getting the highest standards in quality when it comes to materials, design, and craftsmanship. Whatever fireplace dreams you have; our limitless customization can make a reality.

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Rustic & Masonry Custom Fireplaces

Acucraft builds open-hearth fireboxes that look and feel like full masonry but operate cleaner and with higher efficiency. Get the most out of your wood fireplace with a pre-engineering, zero-clearance firebox complete with stainless steel flue that never cracks like clay tile! All Acucraft fireboxes come standard with our Lifetime Guarantee.

Modern & Unique Custom Fireplaces

From single-sided, see-through, and indoor/outdoor options to four-sided mammoth fireplaces, Acucraft can create the perfect fit for your project.

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