Indoor/Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Combine the best of both worlds with an Acucraft wood burning Patent Pending see-through Indoor Outdoor wood fireplace.

Home with Hearthroom 44 Indoor Outdoor wood fireplace

Acucraft Hearthroom 44 Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Whether you’re lounging next to your fireplace with family or enjoying an outdoor BBQ with friends, our Patent Pending Indoor Outdoor wood burning fireplaces will seamlessly combine your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Choose from one of our standard wood burning indoor/outdoor fireplaces with viewing areas up to 48″ x 42″. Or maybe you’re looking for an awe-inspiring grandiose view? In that case we can help you design a custom fireplace that meets your every need! 



  • 100% outside air for combustion
  • 2 sets of operable doors (indoor & outdoor)
  • Eliminate the need for storing wood inside your home by loading from the outside
  • 100% sealed outside door eliminating risk of cold air transfer
  • Heated air can be dispersed in-home or outside
  • Whole Home Heating option
  • Additional security with our locking clasp option
  • Versatile design for each side
    • Arched or rectangular frame
    • Patina, black, or custom paint finish


Transform your great room with a see-through fireplace and enjoy the ambiance indoors and out.

Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace HearthroomIndoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace Hearthroom


Any of our standard wood burning fireplaces can be manufactured and installed as an indoor/outdoor fireplace.

Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace Unity


Unifying modern & rustic aesthetics with the benefits of a high-tech wood burning fireplace, our Unity series of wood burning fireplaces offer a clean & flexible design that compliments any space.



Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace Hearthroom Series


Designed with a large viewing area and proven to be an excellent supplemental heat source, our Hearthroom series of wood burning fireplaces offer an amazingly clean, efficient, and long-lasting burn.