4 Sided Fireplace: A Customer’s Journey

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John Moriarity and Associates worked on creating a luxurious apartment building, West Square Apartments, in a desirable up-and-coming Boston, Massachusetts neighborhood. South Boston is known for its vibrant lifestyle and authenticity. This new construction apartment complex would have enticing amenities such as: concierge, a pet playground, game room, entertainment lounge, and more! Among those amenities would be an Acucraft Infinity 4 sided fireplace, a perfect match for Boston’s lively atmosphere.

West Square Apartments - Boston, MA

The fireplace was incorporated into the blueprints in the entertainment lounge by Moriarity and Associates as a place to bring the residents together and to create a relaxing, yet exciting atmosphere. They were searching for an indoor fire feature that would leave anyone in awe. Moriarity wanted a fireplace that would be free from obstructions for a clear view of friends and neighbors, as well as an attention-grabbing focal point for prospective renters. They also wanted it to be easy to clean for the maintenance crew. Acucraft worked together with Moriarty to make their lounge come to life.

“Phenomenal! Plenty of couches, big screen TVs, and a stunning fireplace that runs from the ceiling to the ground!”

-Tenant Google Review

Entertainment Lounge of West Square Apartments

In order to create a glass-to-glass viewing feature, the hood of the fireplace needed to be supported fully by the ceiling. Our designers worked this into the plans and our craftsman took special care to make this possible. Glass-to-glass means the corners of the 4 sided fireplace are not capped with metal trim. Making the glass-to-glass structure possible also meant that one (or more) of the glass panels on the fireplace could easily be removed. This could allow for simple and easy cleaning of the inside of the fireplace. By using Acucraft as their fireplace manufacturer, they were able to get these necessities specified into the drawings of the fireplace.

Drawings courtesy of Acucraft
Drawing courtesy of Acucraft

By crafting a fireplace that had as much glass as possible, we were able to create an amazing fire feature that would remain in any prospective tenant’s mind. In order to make this fireplace completely safe for any human or pets that would be near it, Moriarity wanted the fireplace to be cool to the touch. At Acucraft, we offer the option to have glass cooling added to any fireplace. This includes to panels of glass, one outside and one inside the fireplace. In between the panels of glass is a surge of outside air. This keeps the hot air inside the fireplace from reaching the outer layer of glass, making the fireplace cool to the touch. This feature would ensure safety from heat but also keep tallest flames burning bright.

four sided gas fireplace glass fireplace in apartment lounge
Four Sided Gas Fireplace Installed - West Square Apartments Entertainment Lounge

We are incredibly proud to see this fireplace come together and to have the privilege of working with Moriarity and Associates on the West Square Apartments project. We look forward to working on future projects involving a 4 sided fireplace.

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