1800s Mining Cabin Inspires See-Through Fireplace

see through wood burning fireplace inside 1800s mining cabin

A See Through Wood Fireplace Story

At Acucraft, we love hearing back from our customers and receiving photos of their finished fireplaces.

This week we received photos from Ed, an Acucraft customer who recently built a home in the historic mining area of Silver Cliff, Colorado. The photos showcase Ed’s finished Acucraft Hearthroom 36 See Through Wood Fireplace. While the fireplace itself uses state-of-the-art wood burning technology, the trappings surrounding the fireplace connect it with the land’s rich history and give it a rustic look.

1800s mining cabin
Old 1800's Mining Cabin

Ed’s story began last year when he contacted Acucraft Fireplace Advisor Mark Kennedy who is knowledgeable in wood burning fireplaces and log homes. Ed shared his unique fireplace idea. He wanted a See Through Wood Burning Fireplace for his new Colorado home. Residing on his property was an old 1800s mining cabin, and Ed desired to re-purpose elements from this cabin into the design of the fireplace to give it rustic charm and character. So portions of the cabin’s old steel roof were used as a surround to wrap around the base of the fireplace hearth and the Class A Flue. 

“The wrap around the fireplace chimney,” says Ed, “really gave us the rustic look we wanted!”

Now that the Acucraft fireplace is complete, Ed says, “I’m loving it!” The fireplace makes an excellent contrast from the living area and the dining room as the focal point of the entire open space concept.

His friends, family and even the builder had a hard time envisioning Ed’s see through fireplace idea at first, but now that it is complete, “They’re all eating crow now!” says Ed.

An Acucraft wood burning fireplace offers both rich ambiance and wonderful warmth.

Ed says, “I can burn it for ambiance (minimal heat output) or turn the fan on to heat the home up.” And he adds, “I’m amazed at how easy it is to start a fire, [and] how clean the glass is staying.”

see through wood burning fireplace inside 1800s mining cabin
Ed's completed & installed Hearthroom See Through Wood Burning Fireplace

Ed’s completed Acucraft Hearthroom 36 See Through Wood Burning Fireplace showing both sides and angles.

Thank you Ed for sending us photos of your finished Acucraft Hearthroom 36 See Through Wood Burning Fireplace. It looks amazing! We hope you, and your crow eating friends and family enjoy your fireplace for many years of happy burning!

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see through wood burning fireplace in production
Ed's Hearthroom 36 See-Through Wood Fireplace is built to last a lifetime with 7-gauge steel and then custom crated & delivered to his home.

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