American Airlines Admirals Club Blaze Fireplace

Acucraft Luxury Blaze Fireplace is the Highlight of the New American Airlines Admirals Club

fireplace inspiration rendering of a luxury airline lounge
Inspiration rendering courtesy of DMAC Architecture

Airlines always look for new ways to get more passengers, offering cheap tickets, late-night flights, fancy amenities, and exclusive lounges. When Zachary Klaas from DMAC Architecture & Interiors asked us in mid-2021 to create a stunning four sided gas fireplace for the new American Airlines Admirals Club at Washington National Airport (DCA), we were excited to help.

The Blaze Fireplace Team

Zachary and his team worked closely with Fireplace Advisor, Jill Kubitschek, to make sure the project met their design and timeline. They chose a four-sided glass fireplace with a commercial-grade glass cooling system. To keep the heat down, a chainmail style curtain was hung around the glass with space in between. Since the project was in an airport, it had to follow strict rules to keep everyone safe around the fireplace.

structural rendering for four sided glass fireplace
Architectural drawing courtesy of DMAC Architecture

The Blaze Fireplace Spec

Once the fireplace was specified in the club plans and the Acucraft Design Agreement was signed, the project was handed over to Winston’s Chimney Service and Mark Drury Associates for installation, along with Whiting Turner General Contractors.  Ryan Hall, Winston’s Chimney Service, and Mark Drury,  Mark Drury Associates, were the main contacts for the design and approval process, working closely with Acucraft engineers and their customer experience manager.

an image of a four sided gas fireplace drawing from Acucraft
Acucraft Blaze Four Sided Gas Fireplace Drawing

After the plans were approved, their four-sided blaze fireplace went into production. Our skilled craftsmen hand-built, assembled, and welded it, then shipped it on a dedicated truck to Washington National Airport.

When it arrived, Acucraft’s Technical Support Team worked closely with the Winston’s Chimney team to ensure a seamless installation of the fireplace.  After the installation was complete, an Acucraft Technical Support Representative and a LabTest official were on-site to conduct a third-party field certification, ensuring the fireplace and its installation met all necessary safety standards.

Award-Winning Fireplace

Featured in Forbes, the new Admirals Club opened in late 2022, showcasing its contemporary, ultra-chic design to provide an impeccable experience for all types of travelers. Contact Us today to get started on your own Blaze fireplace!

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