Wood Burning Patina Front Options

Acucraft See-Through Wood Burning Fireplace with Japanese Brown Patina Finish

Acucraft See-Through Wood Burning Fireplace with Japanese Brown Patina Finish

Many of our customers choose a Patina finish for it’s rustic antiquity and classic fireplace character. Patina is a process of changing the look of the steel through oxidation with the application of heat; it offers a more textured and weathered look while still providing you with an elegant appearance for your fireplace.

Acucraft offers three different Patina finishes: Japanese Brown, Aged Bronze, and Copper. Our Japanese Brown Patina is the result of a 300 year old recipe used in Japan on cast iron tea pots, and is the most popular Patina finish for Acucraft. The Aged Bronze Patina offers a rich, smooth textured finish, giving your fireplace a more rustic appearance. Last, but certainly not least, is our Copper Patina which provides a more traditional greenish brown finish leaving you with a deep, aged appearance. The tone and depth of your Patina can be adjusted by the number of coats applied.

Wood-Burning See-Through Fireplace Design with Hammered Patina Doors

Acucraft Wood Burning See-Through Fireplace with Aged Bronze Patina Hammered Doors

Patina takes time and our team has worked diligently to perfect the process and deliver quality, aesthetically appealing finishes for all of our fireplaces. Acucraft sends out color samples of our Patina options (at no charge), but no two Patinas are exactly alike…that’s part of their beauty and what makes then so unique.

Our team begins preparing the steel by polishing the front of the fireplace to remove any scratches or imperfections.Then it is cleaned, degreased, and wiped down with hot water to ensure a clean surface. The Patina process then begins by heating the steel with a torch to eliminate all of the moisture on the surface, then the Patina solution is sprayed onto the front and heated with a torch; this process is repeated until the desired color has been achieved. Once the steel has cooled it is sealed with a clear coat to stop the oxidization process and lock-in the color.

Justin, one of Acucraft's Skilled Craftsmen, applying a Patina finish

Justin, one of Acucraft’s Skilled Craftsmen, applying a Patina finish

Acucraft's Patina Finish Process

Acucraft’s Patina Finish Process

Copper Patina Finish on Acucraft Fireplace

Copper Patina Finish on Acucraft Fireplace

Our team of dedicated welders & fabricators provide us with the unparalleled expertise and integrity you look for. With over 35 years in the fireplace industry, Acucraft has become one of the nations leading fireplace manufacturers by offering innovative and unique solutions for our customers while offering outstanding customer service.. We stand behind all of our products and offer a lifetime warranty on every one of our custom and standard fireplaces.

Our team of fireplace designers & engineers work directly with architects, builders, and designers to turn your dream fireplace into a reality. From single-sided to custom see-through fireplaces and outdoor gas burners, no fireplace is too big, no project too small.
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