How do you move the fireplace?

The fireplace will come on a pallet. The best option, if available, is to move it with a forklift or skid loader/tractor with forks. A pallet jack will move the fireplace on a smooth surface, or you can use small moving carts with wheels. Because of the weight, lifting the fireplace manually can be a challenge. You’ll want to tip it side to side then block it up and raise it in stages. You’ll do more tipping and sliding than lifting, use leverage to pivot and turn. If you need to go up or down stairs, use planks and slide the fireplace. A few sheets of Masonite or scrap plywood cut into smaller sections work great to slide over each other while leap frogging the pieces along. Small pipes or conduit can also be used to roll the fireplace on. Sliding the fireplace on plywood sections side to side works well. Using small moving carts with swivel casters strapped to the fireplace can aid you in rolling up or down a slight incline. Use a rope around the framing to control the movement speed. In some instances you will need to use a combination of the above options.