What is the best way to start a fire?

  • Acucraft recommends have both your combustion air intake and flue damper fully open (all the way to the right).
  • Start with a top-down burn with the largest logs on the bottom and kindling or a fire starter on the top. We recommend using only a wax and sawdust fire starter. Do not use paper or garbage as kindling.
  • Place three (3) large quarter split logs on the bottom of the fireplace with small air gaps between the logs. Your logs should be roughly 4”-5” in diameter.
  • Remember, there is no need for a log grate, you can build your fire directly on the firebrick within the fireplace.
  • Place 5-6 smaller logs across the larger bottom logs leaving air gaps between. Your smaller logs should be roughly 2”-4” in diameter.
  • Place 6-8 small kindling sticks on top of the smaller logs. The kindling sticks can be crossing and should be roughly 1”-2” in diameter.
  • Light your fire and leave one door slight cracked open, approximately 1”, for the first 3-7 minutes. This will allow more air to flow through the firebox and ignite your fire.
  • Once your fire is burning strong you can close the door completely.
  • If the fire appears to be dying out once the door has been closed, re-open the door(s) for a few minutes until your fire really gets a strong burn going and then close the door(s) completely again.