Idea to Done: Acucraft Custom Peninsula Gas Fireplace

Idea to Done: Acucraft Custom Peninsula Gas Fireplace offers Stunning and Seamless Three Sided Viewing Areas

Last year Tomas, a home owner, visited the Acucraft website and emailed Fireplace Advisor Ben Krump. Tomas shared his gas fireplace idea for a new home he was building in Washington. 

“We are planning a frameless 3-sided peninsula fireplace,” Tomas wrote. “A rear-vented peninsula design with the back stuck into a vertical framed ‘column/box’ which will house the vents and intakes.” This clean design would provide open space above the fireplace.

Acucraft 3D Drawing

Acucraft 3D Drawing

Tomas wanted to avoid unsightly supports so that he could enjoy uninterrupted, three sided viewing of the large, beautiful flames. He also desired cool glass technology so that the glass would be safe to touch.

Acucraft is an Innovative, “We Find YES” Custom Design Fireplace Manufacturer

Certainly, Tomas had chosen the right custom design fireplace manufacturer to make his ideas come to life. For over 40 years, Acucraft has specialized in designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind custom fireplaces. Tomas’s custom peninsula gas fireplace idea will add the perfect focal point for his new home entertainment area.  

The Acucraft Design Team worked out the details and engineered an innovative self-supporting cantilever system design. This design allows glass-on-glass for seamless three sided viewing of the largest, most beautiful flames on the market.

Then the Design Team produced and submitted 3D drawings for Tomas’s approval. 

Custom Peninsula Gas Fireplace Specifications & Features:

  • Viewing Area: Sides: 36”W x 24”H; End: 24″W x 24″H
  • Insulated Panel System: 22″W x 58″H x 43-1/4″D
  • Sheeted with 22-gauge steel
  • Natural Gas
  • 40,000 BTUs/Hr
  • 8″ Combustion Air Intake
  • 8″ Glass Cooling Air Intake
  • Firebox made of 7-gauge steel
  • Acucraft Patent-Pending Dual Pane Glass Cooling System for safe-to-touch glass
  • 8″ ID (10″ OD) Class A Dual Wall HT Insulation Packed Flue System
  • Exhaust Power Vent (Flue) with Proven Draft Safety System
  • Black Reflective Porcelain Panels to magnify flames without adding heat gain

Built by Skilled Craftsmen with the Highest Quality Materials

Upon design approval, Acucraft’s highly skilled Fabricators, Welders, and Finishers built Tomas’s custom peninsula gas fireplace using the highest quality materials and components to ensure him with a lifetime of enjoyment.

The interior of Tomas’s custom peninsula gas fireplace was a cantilevered superstructure that was fabricated and welded with solid 7-gauge steel, enclosed with a zero-clearance insulated panel system, and finished with 22-gauge metal sheets.

After the custom peninsula gas fireplace was fabricated, welded and finished, it was factory tested for performance and safety before it was hand crated and delivered to Tomas’s new home.

Custom Peninsula Gas Fireplace—Idea to Done

Once Tomas installed his custom gas peninsula fireplace he snapped a few photos and sent them to the Acucraft Team. We must admit, the fireplace looks stunning within his new home!

Solid 7-gauge steel makes up this peninsula cantilever support system.
This impressive glass-on-glass peninsula gas fireplace makes a terrific focal point and offers flame viewing from multiple angles.
This Acucraft peninsula gas fireplace is a striking way to divide Tomas’s space with an attractive focal point and showcase the tallest, safest and most beautiful flames on the market.
This custom Acucraft peninsula gas fireplace offers beautiful, see through fireplace flame views.

Thank you, Tomas, for sharing your beautiful custom peninsula gas fireplace photos! We hope you, your family, and friends enjoy the warmth and flame views for many years of happy burning!

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The peninsula gas fireplace offers a beautiful focal point and functional heat for your space with dual pane glass cooling for safe-to-touch glass.