Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace

Acucraft Fireplaces has been designing and manufacturing Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplaces for over a decade with much success.

Design Features are:

  • One firebox and one flue, two sets of doors; one inside, one outside
  • Ability to load fire wood from the outside; eliminating the need to store or bring wood into your home
  • 100% Sealed Outdoor Door and Frame, eliminating cold air transfer
  • The opportunity to have all heat forced into the home
  • Create a comfortable outdoor fireplace area
  • Ability to have two unique designs; example: Rectangular Indoor, Arched Outdoor, and etc
  • Ability to enjoy the fireplace in 2 separate living areas; with only having the maintenance of one fireplace system
  • Security – Lockable Doors
  • The Neo-Ceramic glass panes can support any thermal shock such as the spilling of cold water on your fireplace door.
  • Lifetime warranty on all Neo-Ceramic glass

As with all Acucraft See Through Fireplaces, you can operate the fireplace with the doors closed, doors opened or doors fully removed on one side while burning.


Indoor-Outdoor See-Through Fireplace with Decorated Mantle
Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace (Indoor View)

This Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace shows a beautiful patina indoor design; with black arched door outdoor design.

Outdoor View of Indoor/Outdoor Wood Fireplace
Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace (Outdoor View)

The fireplace pictured below is an Acucraft Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace. This fireplace will be placed in between a great room and bedroom. The Indoor Outdoor See Through design was used to have the ability to have all heat forced to the great room; while still being able to enjoy the fire from the bedroom.

See-Through Fireplace with Rectangle DoorsSee-Through Wood Fireplace - Production Photo


Please contact an Acucraft Fireplace Selection Specialist Member to discuss design options today and ask for our NEW Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace brochure! Click here to visit the “See Through Wood Fireplaces” page on our website.

Happy Burning,

Acucraft Fireplaces