November 5, 2018
Stunning Three-Sided Flame Viewing With Glass or Open Flame Without Glass

Certified Gas Fireplaces – Peninsula Series

Enjoy stunning three-sided views of the tallest, fullest, safest and most beautiful flames on the market—with glass-on-glass or open flame without glass!

Introducing the Acucraft Peninsula Series of Certified Gas Fireplaces

These 3 sided glass-on-glass or open flame gas fireplaces are available in six viewing widths ranging from three-feet to nine-feet.

ACUCRAFT CUSTOM peninsula 3sided gas fireplace in cigar lounge
Acucraft Peninsula Gas Fireplace | Davidoff Cigar Lounge | Ridgewood, NJ

Acucraft Peninsula gas fireplaces are a stunning way to divide a special space with an attractive focal point. It’s a great way to showcase the tallest, safest and most beautiful flames on the market—perfect for restaurants, hotels and residences.

Features & Benefits

Acucraft Patent-Pending
Glass Cooling System
Glass-on-glass units will be
engineered with Acucraft Patent-Pending Glass Cooling System for
safe-to-touch glass.

Built with High-Quality Materials and Components
Your fireplace will be built
with commercial-grade components
and thick, seven-gauge steel to last
a lifetime.

Certified with Label
Your Acucraft fireplace will meet ANSI/CSA performance & safety standards with Label.

Tallest & Safest Flames
Acucraft delivers the tallest, safest
and most beautiful flames on the market—guaranteed!

Media Selection
Choose from a variety of media
options for the look you desire.

Frame Options
Choose your frame finishing option to match your space.

Fuel Type Options
Choose natural gas or
propane fuel.

Lifetime Guarantee
Your Acucraft firebox is guaranteed for a lifetime of HAPPY BURNING!

The Lineup 

Acucraft is world renown for manufacturing commercial-grade fireplaces that are built to impress and last a lifetime. After over 39 years’ experience of building thousands of custom fireplaces, Acucraft has developed the Peninsula-Series of high quality, high performing, safety certified gas fireplaces in viewing widths ranging from three feet to nine feet.

acucraft standard peninsula gas fireplace series

Four of the six Acucraft Peninsula-Series certified gas fireplaces are built with the Acucraft Patent-Pending Glass Cooling Technology. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the tallest, fullest flames on the market with safe-to-touch glass. Glass-on-glass units offer seamless views without unsightly supports.

Glass-sealed fireplaces can be vented to deliver warm air into your space or vented to transfer heated air outside.

Acucraft Open-Flame Gas Peninsula Fireplace

acucraft peninsula 3sided gas fireplace with open viewing area in modern loft
Acucraft Peninsula Fireplace with Suspended Glass Barrier & Clear Glass Media

If you prefer a more intimate flame view without glass and cozy fireplace warmth, Acucraft offers 5’ Peninsula certified gas fireplaces with an open flame or with a firescreen.

Acucraft Custom Peninsula Gas Fireplaces
acucraft peninsula 3sided gas fireplace with open viewing area in ski resort restaurant
Acucraft Peninsula Gas Fireplace | Blue Mountain Ski Resort | Slopeside Pub & Grill | Little Gap Valley, PA

In addition to the Acucraft Peninsula-Series Gas Fireplaces, Acucraft is famous for building one-of-a-kind fireplaces like this show-stopping Acucraft Peninsula custom gas fireplace designed and built for Blue Mountain Ski Resort. It is an attractive focal point for Slopeside Pub & Grill patrons and adds up to 100,000 BTUs of warmth for great conversations after a day on the slopes.

The Acucraft Difference

Acucraft Fireplace Advisors & Designers Work One-On-One with YOU!
Acucraft is one of the few custom fireplace design manufacturers in the world who work directly with you to make your fireplace dreams come true. Our Fireplace Advisors and Designers will help you determine the perfect solution for your space.

Acucraft Fireplaces are Built One at a Time
Acucraft fireplaces are never mass-manufactured. Every fireplace is built one at a time by Acucraft expert fabricators, welders, and finishers. Acucraft will provide you with a high-quality, high-performing, safety-compliant gas fireplace that produces the tallest, most beautiful flames on the market—guaranteed!

Acucraft Delivers Worldwide
Your Acucraft fireplace will be crated and delivered to your job site anywhere worldwide.

Acucraft Guarantees Your Fireplace for a Lifetime
Your gas fireplace is backed by the Acucraft Lifetime Guarantee for a lifetime of happy burning!

Acucraft Fireplaces are Performance and Safety Tested for Your Peace of Mind
Acucraft is the only fireplace manufacturer in the world to have invested in a 3rd-Party Certification in-house test lab to ensure that your gas fireplace meets or exceeds ANSI Z21.50 / CSA 2.22-2016 performance and safety standards with Label. No other fireplace manufacturer in the world has gone this extra mile to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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