Spring: The Perfect Time of Year for Outdoor Fire

Spring is the perfect time of year to spruce up your outdoor patio with an outdoor fire feature!

Don’t miss out on endless conversations due to the cool spring evenings; your Acucraft outdoor fireplace, fire table, fire pit or custom outdoor burner will keep you and your friends & family warm so you can enjoy those precious moments. Your outdoor fire feature can be customized to fit seamlessly within your outdoor space, from size to style and nearly endless finishing options, we’re certain we’ll find the perfect unit for you.

acucraft dual custom outdoor fire tables at pool bar in casino
Dual Acucraft Fire Tables | Graton Resort & Casino | Rohnert Park, CA
acucraft custom 103 foot gas burner for private residential landscape
Acucraft Custom 103' Gas Burner | Private Residence | Davidson, NC

Let’s Talk Outdoor Fire Style

Customize your outdoor living experience by choosing one of Acucraft’s popular outdoor fire styles:

  • Custom Outdoor Burners: Uniquely designed burners that come in all configurations and sizes, including an all-weather ignition system and multiple flame height options.
  • Custom Outdoor Fire Tables & Fire Pits: Free standing, fully built enclosures with Acucraft burners, made with stainless steel components to withstand the elements.
  • Custom Outdoor Fireplaces: Fully assembled gas burning outdoor fireplaces designed specifically for your space – enjoy the traditional ambiance of a fireplace, outdoors!

Looking for more traditional ambiance from your outdoor fire feature? We’ve got you covered, Acucraft can design & manufacture an outdoor wood-burning fireplace or fire pit for any space, giving you the earthy smell of burning wood and the classic hiss & crackle of a wood flame.

Let’s Talk Flame Height

Not only to get to reap the benefits of our All-Weather-Electronic-Ignition System (AWEIS); which ensures operation in rain, wind and snow so you can enjoy your outdoor space year-round; but Acucraft’s outdoor fire solutions also come with flame heights ranging from XL 8″-12″ to 3XL 18″-24″!

acucraft offers multiple flame heights tallest flames on the market
custom outdoor fire table with no glass on deck of private residence
Acucraft Outdoor Fire Table | XL Flames
custom gas circular outdoor fire pit in testing
Acucraft Outdoor Fire Pit | 3XL Flames

Outdoor Fireplaces – Taking outdoor enjoyment to the next level

Impress customers and guests alike with a custom outdoor fireplace. Every outdoor fireplace is made with 100% stainless steel components and comes with our All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) ensuring your fireplace will run in nearly any weather condition. Our outdoor fireplaces are custom designed to fit your needs and specifications and to add ambiance to any outdoor space, giving your guests or customers a place to gather.

custom outdoor open gas fireplace four seasons resort and hotel patio
Acucraft Custom Open Outdoor Gas Fireplace | Four Seasons Resort | Dallas, TX
custom gas outdoor gas fireplace in outdoor outlet mall
Acucraft Custom Gas Outdoor Fireplace with Mammoth Logset | Gloucester Outlet Mall
custom outdoor gas fireplace at restaurant
Acucraft Custom Linear Outdoor Gas Fireplace | Neighborhood Pub & Restaurant
custom outdoor see through gas fireplace in maryland live casino restaurant
Acucraft Custom Outdoor See Through Gas Fireplace | Maryland Live! Casino | The Prime Rib Steakhouse
Leave a lasting impression with Fire & Water combined

Not only can you impress your friends or customers with an Acucraft outdoor fire feature, but you can now combine water & fire! Take it one step further with an Acucraft outdoor submersible fire feature combining water & fire. The Submersible Electronic Ignition System (SUBEIS) is the first ever electronic ignition system designed for use with fire on the water surface! Create a fire feature that looks as if it’s coming straight out of the water, or use our traditional AWEIS to enjoy fire next to water.

custom fire and water feature in residential pool
outdoor gas fire table with water feature in pool
Impress with Your Next Outdoor Commercial, Hospitality or Residential Project

Whether you’re working on a commercial, residential or hospitality project, our Fireplace Advisors & Designers work with you one-on-one to make your design a reality.

acucraft custom outdoor fireplace next to pool
Acucraft Custom Gas Outdoor Fireplace
outdoor gas fire table fire pit on rooftop deck overlooking the ocean
Acucraft Custom Outdoor Gas Fire Table
custom outdoor open gas fireplace on apartment rooftop shared space
Acucraft Custom Open Gas Fireplace

What are you waiting for? Your DREAM FIREPLACE Awaits!


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acucraft custom outdoor gas fireplace with logs

“My experience with Acucraft has been great. I think you guys are very organized and seem always on-hand for any assistance. The overall design of the fireplace looks great and fits well with the owner’s own vision. I appreciate the call and hope that we have another chance to work together on a future project. I’ll be sure to let you know if we need more help getting another fireplace designed and produced.”

-Todd Hart, Newland Interiors   |   Four Seasons Resort   |   Dallas, TX