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Welcome to Acucraft’s Technical Support Gas Fireplace Video Library! At Acucraft, we believe in providing support to all of our customers throughout the lifetime of their fireplace. Whether you’re currently installing your fireplace, or you’ve been burning for 20+ years and need some new gasketing, our Technical Support representatives are here to help! We have taken the time to compile videos based on the most frequently asked questions from our customers which you can find below; or, visit our Technical Support YouTube Channel.

Video Content:

Wood Burning Fireplace Door Linkage Repair

Wood fireplace expert, Jamie, walks you through how to replace or repair the linkage on your wood fireplace doors.

  • Lubricate your linkage parts (anywhere metal will be touching metal)
  • Place your linkage in the channel
  • Line up your tapered block with the handle hole
  • Line up your frame with the door front & secure with bolts

How to Start a Fire in Your Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood fireplace expert, Mike Hannan, will walk you through how to start a proper wood burning fire using the top-down, single match method. Prepare for your fire by having dry, seasoned wood, kindling, wax/sawdust fire starters, and of course matches! Watch as Mike shows you how to use your fireplace air controls to create the perfect wood burning fire.

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