Test Fire – Custom Linear Gas Fireplace

Acucraft just finished test firing a large custom linear gas fireplace. Prior to shipping all custom gas fireplaces, we burn and test every fireplace. The below fireplace has a huge 120″ wide x 24″ high viewing area. The customer wanted a large 12″ -18″ flame and has propane as the fuel source.

The pictures do not do justice to how awesome the flames look.


Flame Test for Custom Linear Gas Fireplace
Viewing Area is 10′ Wide x 2′ High

Propane Gas and huge flames from a propane fireplace are difficult to achieve. Propane is heavier than air, Natural Gas is lighter than air. Propane needs to be delivered at 3X the pressure of Natural Gas, which requires much more outside air for combustion to be mixed with the Propane Gas. The addition of more outside air turns the flame blue. Acucraft and our customers desire tall slow moving yellow flames.
Therefor we at Acucraft, Custom designed a long 100+” elevated burner with the gas entering the burner in 3 areas, middle and both ends. This will evenly distribute the Propane. The design included 3 large 200,000 BTU valves, with variable flame height control via remote control.

100" + Custom Propane Burner Pan
100″ + Custom Propane Burner Pan

Check out the video below to see this fireplace in action.

The Customer selected recycled glass as the media, which will be installed at the site to hide the burner and more evenly distribute the flame.

Front Flange of Linear Gas Fireplace

The outside combustion air will be distributed to the firebox in the slotted openings, shown above along the front flange. There is  two panes of glass, this will keep the glass cooler to the touch with air transfering between the glass.

This Fireplace along with another large custom fireplace are being shipped to there new home in Indiana.

The fireplaces just keep getting bigger, below is a photo of a  huge gas fireplace we are testing tomorrow. The dimensions on this fireplace are 11′ wide and 3′ tall = 4,752 square inches of viewing area.

Linear Gas Fireplace in Progress
The firebox is completed and the insulated panels are being installed. Tomorrow we burn and test.

If you are interested in learning more on Custom Linear Propane Fireplace, please view the November 4th blog post on The 5 Key Decisions in Designing your Custom Linear Gas Fireplace

Happy Burning!