7 Must-See Corner Gas Fireplaces

Acucraft Custom Gas Open Front Right Fireplace with Stone Media

Choosing the right fireplace involves considering both its impact on the room’s aesthetics and its functionality. Traditional single-sided fireplaces often demand a large footprint, which can dominate a room, but that’s just one option. There are several other fireplace styles that can complement your layout without getting in the way. 

Corner gas fireplaces, for example, are installed at a 90-degree corner, offering a space-saving solution that fits unobtrusively into the corner of your room. Corner gas fireplaces are a great way to maximize your space and add an attractive focal point that your guests won’t stop talking about.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s dive into 7 must-see corner gas fireplaces and help you choose the right style for your new home build.

What are Corner Gas Fireplaces? 

Corner gas fireplaces are perfectly designed to fit into the corners of a room, saving valuable floor space and allowing more space for furniture, decorations, or even just open space. They not only make efficient use of space but also offer distinct views of the fireplace from different areas of the room. 

These multi-sided corner fireplaces can be strategically placed to create a cozy nook or subtly divide a room, enhancing both the functionality and style of your home.

7 Must-See Corner Gas Fireplaces

Here are 7 must-see corner gas fireplace designs that combine style with space efficiency, perfect for enhancing your new home without overcrowding it.

Front and Side Gas Fireplace with Lava Rock Media

Acucraft Custom Front & Side Gas Fireplace with Lava Rock-2This fireplace design showcases a modern front and side gas fireplace filled with lava rock,

bringing a blend of elegance and contemporary style into the living room design. Strategically placed in the corner of the room, this fireplace has a sleek, rectangular design with a non-reflective glass enclosure, providing a clear view of the dancing flames.

The base of the fireplace is crafted from beautifully grained, light-colored wood veneer, offering a warm, organic contrast to the otherwise modern finish. The unique floating design, elevated above the floor, enhances the room’s sense of space and openness.

This corner gas fireplace is an example of a sleek modern gas fireplace design that not only sparks conversations but also seamlessly connects two rooms, enhancing the flow from one space to another.

Positioned to be visible from both areas, it features two TVs mounted on adjacent walls, amplifying its role as a connecting feature. This design provides the cozy comfort familiar to traditional fires while embracing a dynamic, open layout.

A fireplace like this is an excellent choice for those looking to maintain simplicity while introducing a touch of elegance into their contemporary home.

Linear Corner Gas Fireplace with Right Viewing Area & Glass Media

Acucraft Custom Linear with Right viewing area and glass mediaThis corner gas fireplace design combines elegance and modernity in a contemporary living space. This sleek design features a linear, see-through firebox encased in a minimalist concrete facade that lends a robust, enduring quality to the fireplace while complementing the warmth of the wooden ceiling and the earthy tones throughout the room.

The use of carefully selected materials for this fireplace, from the smooth, neutral concrete pairs harmoniously with the vibrant flames to the use of glass media within the fireplace, adds a touch of refinement, makes it unique, and speaks to its durability. 

Although suitable for residential settings, its strategic placement, substantial size, and open view through the glass could serve as an inviting focal point in spacious areas common in industrial space, making it a great choice for such spaces.

Its unique build can also divide larger open-plan spaces into more intimate sections without the need for physical barriers, allowing for a visual connection across different functional areas in a commercial space.

Contemporary Corner Gas Fireplace With Stonework

acucraft direct vent fireplace

This corner gas fireplace is a stunning fixture in an already breathtaking room. Its robust design boasts a rich blend of materials—stone and metal—creating a look that combines rustic and contemporary styles. The stonework, with its mosaic of earthy hues, rises from floor to ceiling, capturing the raw beauty of nature.

Perfectly situated in a residential space and placed against a backdrop of towering windows, it sits at the intersection of indoors and out, creating an atmosphere for you to bask in the natural light by day and the soothing glow of the fire by night.

And beyond just aesthetics, what makes this fireplace design truly special is how it blends with the environment while bringing together modern innovation and timeless comfort. 

Corner Gas Fireplace with River Stone Media

Here we have a corner fireplace design that brings a blend of classic charm and contemporary sleekness to the space. 

This fireplace is framed with large, smooth tiles in a soft cream color that hints to traditional design but with a clean, modern edge. The river stone media bed within the fireplace adds an organic touch, creating a blend of natural elements and man-made craftsmanship.

This particular fireplace, with its elegant and robust design, would make a great addition to the overall aesthetic of any commercial setting, yet it wouldn’t be out of place in a spacious residential setting, either. 

Set against a wall, it serves as a focal point that anchors the room. From its unique stone media to how it seamlessly integrates into the architecture of the space, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

If you’re looking for a fireplace that’s been thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly, provides a cozy ambiance, and has a touch of sophistication for your living room space or office, this is a great corner fireplace design idea for you.

Open Corner Gas Fireplace with Stone Media

Acucraft Custom Gas Open Front Right Fireplace with Stone Media

With its clean lines and minimalist black frame, this corner fireplace offers a stark yet striking contrast against the soft, neutral palette of the room. The matte black of the fireplace surround provides a modern edge, and the stone media bed beneath the flames adds a touch of the natural world.

It’s a design that embraces simplicity while still exuding a quiet sophistication, becoming the focal point of the room.

Ideal for a residential setting, but it could also serve as a warm welcome in a high-end commercial environment. Positioned within the living space, it invites gathering and relaxation. Unique to this fireplace design is the unobstructed view it offers. No doors, no screens, just a clear vista of flame over stone, engaging the gaze with its unimpeded display.

Consider a fireplace similar to this if you are looking to add a simple yet detailed piece to your residential or commercial space that is sure to impress.

Linear Open Gas Fireplace with Left Viewing Area Glass Media & XL Lava Rocks 

This design showcases a fireplace that exudes a sense of understated elegance. This corner gas fireplace was designed with a broad, open face and framed by a simple yet sophisticated black mesh screen. The flames dance over an arrangement of large lava rocks, which add a primal, earthy element to the sleek modernity of the burn area.

The subtle texture of the wall surrounding the fireplace lends a soft, organic backdrop to the boldness of the fire, harmonizing with the natural wooden floor. This fireplace is ideal in a residential space where comfort meets style — a living room or an open-plan family area.

The strategic placement below a mounted TV allows for an evening of relaxation, where you can enjoy the dual delights of a favorite show and the crackle of fire at the same time.

Consider including a fireplace design like this in your home if you want to infuse your home with a touch of modernity while maintaining a cozy atmosphere and making the best use of your space. 

Custom Linear Front And Side Gas Fireplace with Glass Media & River Rock 

Acucraft Custom Linear Front & Side Gas Fireplace with Glass Meda & River Rock (4)Displayed prominently in a communal area, this fireplace’s design suits spaces designed for gathering and waiting, such as lobbies or upscale business lounges. It provides a point of warmth and visual interest without overwhelming the space, a subtle invitation to sit back and relax.

Its long, horizontal profile is lined with a silver-hued, textured trim that complements the natural wood tones above and the stone tiles beside it. The flames, set behind a broad pane of glass, create a lively yet tranquil display for anyone to enjoy.

Corner Gas Fireplaces FAQs

Here are some of the common questions we hear about corner gas fireplaces.

Can a Gas Fireplace Be Installed in a Corner?

Yes, a gas fireplace can be installed in a corner to maximize space efficiency and add a unique design element to the room.

Are Corner Fireplaces a Good Idea?

Yes, corner fireplaces are a good idea as they save space and enhance your room’s design.

Can You Put a Linear Fireplace in a Corner?

Yes, linear fireplaces can be installed in a corner, often using a specialized corner fireplace that maintains the sleek, modern look of the fireplace.

If you’re looking for a way to add a modern touch to your space, corner gas fireplaces are a great option. Their clean lines and up-to-date design give a sophisticated feel while saving square footage. Want to learn more? Contact us about your corner gas fireplace project.