Dramatic • Distinctive  360° Unobstructed Views

360° unobstructed views and a design that is sure to please the eye, a circular gas fireplace creates a sense of adventure and will awaken a bold spirit. The Circular4 certified gas fireplace will never go unnoticed and will never be forgotten; our highest and brightest flames portrayed in one of the most unique fashions.

Circular Fireplace Chicago

Private Residence | Chicago, IL

Proven Safety • Bold Design • Circular Gas Fireplace


The Circular4 Comes Standard With:

  • Black High Temperature Paint
  • Black Reflective ¼” Glass Media (Color Options Available)
  • Glass Cooling System (Patent-Pending)
  • Testing & Certification in USA
  • World-Wide Shipping
  • Made in USA
Round Fireplace







circular gas fireplace

Avalon Communities | Washington, D.C.

AVA NoMa is the premier apartment building by Avalon Communities. Located in hip and popular downtown Washington, D.C., this sleek and modern apartment building has every amenity you could ever need. Nestled in with the infinity edge swimming pool, 4,800 square foot indoor/outdoor fitness center, and the WAG Pet Spa and Park, is an extraordinary fire feature.

This Circular4 fireplace was built specifically for AVA NoMa residents to gather around and get to know their neighbors during the many social events for residents and friends. The unique finishing on this fireplace is trendy, industrial, and attention-grabbing. Located in the “chill lounge” near a kitchenette and surrounded by lazy chairs, this circular gas fireplace promotes conversation and will keep people talking.

circular gas fireplace

Chesterfield Towne Center Mall, Bon Air, Virginia


All of Acucraft’s custom gas fireplaces are made with the highest quality materials and are internally tested to ANSI standards before being shipped to your site.

Circular Fireplace Brochure

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