Gas Fireplace Design Options

see through gas fireplace

Selecting the finishes for your custom Acucraft gas fireplace is a truly unique and personalized experience. We offer hundreds of different design options so that whether you’re looking for a low-profile modern design, a rustic focal point, a shabby chic look, or a more traditional fireplace, Acucraft has the resources and design experience to make it happen. We work directly with architects, designers, and end users to craft the fireplace that suits you or your client’s needs and desires.

The process for selecting your gas fireplace finishes include these steps and options.

The process for selecting your gas fireplace finishes include these steps and options:

Burner Media Options

  • Glass Gems
  • Crushed Glass
  • River Rock or Lava Stone
  • Gas Logs
  • A combination of the above options

– The media options above can be changed / rotated.

3 sided peninsula gas fireplace with open viewing area in modern bedroom
Glass Media
gas burner with rocks and glass media
Slate Gray Stone and Black Glass Media
gas fireplace media options
Some of our popular media options
custom gas fireplace glass media options fire glass
Just a few of the hundreds of glass options
acucraft see through gas fireplace with driftwood logs and river rocks being tested
Combination - River Rock and Gas Logs

Exposed Steel Options

  • Black Painted – standard
  • Patina Finish
  • Custom Paint
  • Hammered Finish
acucraft patina fireplace finishes
acucraft custom gas fireplace frame finishing
Both the permanent and removable frames can be painted or finished with a patina

The fireplace below is a see-through, linear, gas fireplace for Chevrolet dealerships: the frame is custom painted in Chevy Cobalt Blue.

acucraft custom linear gas fireplace for chevy dealership with custom chevy paint
acucraft custom fireplace with custom paint to match chevy

Porcelain Reflective Panels

  • Placed on the inside of the fireplace (typically the sides and back, can be installed on top)
  • The high-temperature glass panels reflect the flame and create a glowing quality
acucraft linear gas fireplace with reflective panels in hotel bar
Note the reflected / ghosted flames

These are just some of the gas fireplace finish options to choose from when you design your fireplace with Acucraft. We’d love to work directly with you to help create your own custom fireplace.

Happy Burning,