Unity Double-Sided Fireplace

Unity Double-Sided Fireplace

The Unity Series

 Clean & Flexible


The Unity is a clean face wood fireplace that unifies modern aesthetic and rustic settings with the benefits of high-tech wood burning.

Available in 36″, 44″ & 48″ Sizes
  • Single Sided, See Through, and Indoor/Outdoor
  • Rectangular or Arched Fronts
  • Single or Double Doors
    • All doors are designed to be removed for open hearth burning
  • Framing and Handle Options Available

The Unity Fireplace Series offers a clean face simple design with two separate air flow systems – without the look of the upper and lower vents around the door frame.

Combustion: The Unity draws on outside air for combustion and uses a Class A Flue for exhausting the smoke. The fireplace damper is adjustable internally without visible controls on the front

Heated Air: The Unity pulls room air from anywhere, like the basement or another room or the room with the fireplace, needs to be within 20’ of the fireplace. The heat air generated from the fireplace can be ducted directly into the same room as the fireplace or to another room or connected to the furnace ducting or pulled outside.

The in line blower for the unity is designed to be remotely located from the fireplace, therefore decreasing the sound and increasing the velocity. All the Unity fireplaces come with one 502 CFM in line fan and a variable speed control. You can two additional in line fans to distribute even more heat to farther points away from the fireplace .

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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • See-Through Model Can Accommodate Indoor/Outdoor
  • Door(s) are gasketed and air tight
  • 502 CFM in line fan
  • B-Venting by other
  • Max BTUs : Up To 80,000 BTUs/Hr
  • Heats Up To 2,000 Sq Ft
  • Burn Time Up To 8 Hours
  • Framing and Handle Options Available


The Unity See-Through (ST) & Indoor/Outdoor (IO) Specifications

Unity 36 ST/IO

  • Door Opening : 36″W x 21″H
  • Class A Flue : 14″ ID Round – 16″ OD
  • Combustion Air Intakes : (2) 4″
  • Insulated Panel Dimensions : 51″W x 46″H x 34 ¾”D
  • Zero Clearance Framing : 55″W x 50″H x 34 ¾”D
  • Estimated Weight : 1,100 LBS
  • Firebox in Cubic Ft : 8.0

Unity 44 ST/IO

  • Door Opening : 44″W x 26″H
  • Class A Flue : 16″ ID Round – 18″ OD
  • Combustion Air Intakes : (2) 5″
  • Insulated Panel Dimensions : 59″W x 50″H x 35″D
  • Zero Clearance Framing : 63″W x 54″H x 35″D
  • Estimated Weight : 1,300 LBS
  • Firebox in Cubic Ft : 13.7

Unity 48 ST/IO

  • Door Opening : 48″W x 42″H
  • Class A Flue : 18″ ID Round – 20″ OD
  • Combustion Air Intakes : (2) 6″
  • Insulated Panel Dimensions : 63″W x 66″H x 42 ½”D
  • Zero Clearance Framing : 67″W x 66″H x 42 ½”D
  • Estimated Weight : 1,600 LBS
  • Firebox in Cubic Ft : 25.0

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