Why a Timeless Series Gas Fireplace is Perfect for Your Home Renovation

four Acucraft Timeless gas fireplaces

Learn why Sarah, and her husband Drew, chose an Acucraft gas fireplace for their home renovation project.

double sided gas fireplace

The Gas Fireplace Makeover

Sarah came to Acucraft looking for a “…gas see through fireplace in a more traditional style that has a viewing area that is at least 45-50 inches wide or larger.”

fireplace renovation and makeover

The Problem

She was in the midst of remodeling a home and had already ordered a Heat & Glo fireplace from a local company for her project but realized it was far too small for her space. Her local fireplace dealer informed her that there was no way she could find a custom fireplace because they wouldn’t be certified.

The Solution

Fortunately, Sarah didn’t give up her search and didn’t take “no” for an answer. Instead, she found Acucraft, where We Find Yes. And, with our 3rd Party Internal Test Lab we can test and certify gas and wood fireplaces to ANSI and UL-Standards.

Inspired by a custom outdoor gas fireplace with logs that we designed for the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas, TX, Sarah wanted something that would make a statement. “The current fireplace is a see-through wood burning unit. I hate the cabinet built into the fireplace and would like to remove all the noise and just be left with a centered see-through gas unit.”

outdoor fireplace with logs

Sarah worked hand-in-hand with Fireplace Advisor, Mark Kennedy to determine whether a linear fireplace or a traditional fireplace would be best suited for her space. After looking through options she decided on a frameless, traditional firebox with gas logset.

Features & Benefits of a Timeless Gas Fireplace

  • Tallest, Fullest Flames on the Market
  • Clean, Frameless Design
  • Unique Sizes and Styles for Residential & Commercial Spaces
  • Flexible Installation

Request a copy of our Timeless Gas Fireplace Brochure for more details!

Selecting a Gas Logset Burner for a Gas Fireplace

Sarah wanted to ensure that her fireplace could be a gathering space for her home.  Fortunately for her, Acucraft’s custom logset burners were designed with a Flame-First approach. Instead of trying to find the perfect amount of BTUs or the overall size of the burner itself, we focus on creating the perfect flames. We hear our customers constantly gripe about tiny, matchstick flames from our competitors. So, when it’s comes to flames, we believe in going BIG. Our Design Engineers spent months perfecting their design. Introducing perfectly full, tall, lazy flames that you’d find in a classic wood-burning fireplace.

gas logset for firebox
acucraft gas logset
acucraft natural gas logset burners

The Dream Fireplace for this Modern Home Remodel.

Acucraft’s Team put the final touches on Sarah and Drew’s Timeless Gas Fireplace and off to production it went to be hand-made by our expert craftsmen. Once their fireplace was tested and certified in our 3rd Party Test Lab, it was ready to make it’s way to Colorado and it’s forever home. After installation, an Acucraft Field Technician was on-site to calibrate their fireplace and ensure that everything was operating safely.

rustic living room with double sided fireplace

It was a pleasure working with Drew and Sarah on a gas fireplace with logs for their home remodel. We wish them a lifetime of happy burning!

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